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Sporting clubs provide opportunities for community members to live an active and healthy life regardless of age or ability and they also offer connections into the community.

Birchip boasts a range of first class sporting and recreation facilities including the Birchip Community Leisure Center, a multi purpose sports facility that supports tennis, cricket, netball, hockey, golf and football.

There are also facilities and clubs for bowls, aero sports, harness racing, swimming, archery, hang gliding and a range of social competitions.

For more information about any of these clubs or social competitions please contact us via the contact us tab on the home page

The Birchip-Watchem Bulls compete in the North Central football league, a family friendly competition incorporating junior and senior football, netball and hockey all at the one venue.  These sports also have a training program during the week.

Contact us for the North Central draw for football, netball and hockey 

In the winter golf is played on Saturday and a mid week competition is hosted on a Wednesday. Junior coaching and match play is offered on a Friday evening. The golf club also hosts an annual tournament in July.

In the summer months the cricket teams compete in the Wimmera Mallee Cricket Association and the tennis teams play in the North Central Tennis Association. Lawn Bowls is also a summer sport in Birchip with a range of opportunities to play competitively and socially.

The local swimming pool is popular in the summer for fun and skill development. During January there is VicSwim classes offered and during  term 1 & 4 swimming squad, swimming lessons and water exercise classes are facilitated by the Birchip Business and Learning Centre.

Tchum Lake provides an ideal location for a host of water sports.

A range of physical activity classes from Boxercise to Circuit Gym, tutored by Brenda Doran, qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer.  are offered regularly. The Birchip P-12 school gym can also be utilised by community members.

Social competitions run throughout the year and can include: basketball, mixed netball, indoor hockey, recreational mixed football, night bowls, tabletennis and volleyball.



Birchip Connect aims to link organisations and people together to encourage communication, foster mutually beneficial relationships and to nurture and celebrate our members successes.

Birchip is home to The Mallee Bull and the saying “As fit as a Mallee Bull” is universally accepted as embodying the characteristics of strength, determination and resilience. 

Birchip is a flourishing community with strong connections locally and globally and we want to use these to “Buck the trend” of declining population in rural communities.

Birchip Connect has established a ‘Giving Program’ to support the Birchip P-12 School and its students and to develop local community projects and infrastructure. The Giving Program allows individuals, groups or businesses to make an annual, weekly or a one-off donation of their choosing.


If you would like to be involved in Birchip Connect or the ‘Giving Program’  please contact: 

Birchip P-12 School

Birchip Business and Learning Centre