Tchum Lake

Tchum Lake

For camping details contact

Cassie 0427 935 336 or Nathan 0438 935 286

Membership to Tchum is cheap and provides many benefits to the local and casual users.

$40  SINGLE, $25 SENIORS, $100 FAMILY, (2 parents/guardians & children U 18)

Cheques Payable to: Tchum Lake Aquatic Club Inc., Deliver to: Birchip Business and Learning Centre in an envelope marked Lake Membership, Post to: Tchum Lake Aquatic Club, Membership Co-ordinator, PO Box 14, Birchip 3483, VIC, Direct Deposit Details (please email completed form to Account Name: Tchum Lake Aquatic Club    BSB: 033611 Account Number: 890357

Tchum Lake has a 'no dog' policy in the caravan park area and all dogs must be on a leash if they are in the public areas.

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