Tchum Lake

Tchum Lake

For camping details contact 0400 571 126

Membership to Tchum is cheap and provides many benefits to the local and casual users.

$50  SINGLE, $20 SENIORS, $100 FAMILY, (2 parents/guardians & children U 18)

Cheques Payable to: Tchum Lake Aquatic Club Inc., Deliver to: Birchip Business and Learning Centre in an envelope marked Lake Membership, Post to: Tchum Lake Aquatic Club, Membership Co-ordinator, PO Box 14, Birchip 3483, VIC, Direct Deposit Details (please email completed form to Account Name: Tchum Lake Aquatic Club    BSB: 033611 Account Number: 890357

Tchum Lake has a 'no dog' policy in the caravan park area and all dogs must be on a leash if they are in the public areas.

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