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Clubs & Groups

Birchip has numerous service clubs and community organisations which provide many facilities and support to the local community. Birchip prides itself in it's wonderful community spirit and without these clubs and organisations Birchip would cease to be such an enjoyable place to live in.

Service Clubs and Community Organisations in Birchip are:



Birchip Connect aims to link organisations and people together to encourage communication, foster mutually beneficial relationships and to nurture and celebrate our members successes.

Birchip is home to The Mallee Bull and the saying “As fit as a Mallee Bull” is universally accepted as embodying the characteristics of strength, determination and resilience. 

Birchip is a flourishing community with strong connections locally and globally and we want to use these to “Buck the trend” of declining population in rural communities.

Birchip Connect has established a ‘Giving Program’ to support the Birchip P-12 School and its students and to develop local community projects and infrastructure. The Giving Program allows individuals, groups or businesses to make an annual, weekly or a one-off donation of their choosing.


If you would like to be involved in Birchip Connect or the ‘Giving Program’  please contact: 

Birchip P-12 School

Birchip Business and Learning Centre