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What's A Neighbourhood House?

Neighbourhood Houses

  • Identify and work with residents of the community on issues of common concern.
  • Offer programs and services that address the specific needs of children and their parents, youth, adults and seniors, culturally and linguistically diverse people and  people with disabilities.
  • Provide volunteers new skills and a place to share their abilities and talents.
  • Offer places where the local community can come together to celebrate community and cultural events throughout th year.
  •  promote community participation and inclusion,
  • facilitate community development and capacity building to support  individuals and groups within communities,
  • support life-long learning opportunities for people to improve their training and employment pathways with classes in accredited training and specifically designed programs
  • improve the well being of community members by providing a range of opportunities for particiaption in general interst classes, personal development  and exercise programs
  • support planning and linkages to address locally identified priorities and needs.

The Year that Was 2020 has been compiled by John Richmond with input from the Birchip


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