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The Birchip Business and Learning Centre is a Neighbourhood House where ...

  • Children and families, youth, adults and seniors, people with disabilities, newcomers to the community and the country can attend, participate, belong, lead and learn!

We are  a non-profit organisation funded by the DHS neighbourhood house coordination program and other fee for service activities. 

This is a centre where people of all age groups, backgrounds and abilities can come to meet and talk, develop and share knowledge, join a class or support group, gain skills and confidence, hire technology and facilities, use the internet,  learn about services in the area and be involved in the community.  

The Birchip Neighbourhood House works collaboratively with the local community, other organisations and service providers in Buloke under the Community Development practice model unique to Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria.

The house is managed by Simone Christie, who has been with the centre since its inception in 1993. She is overseen by a committee of management with representatives from local service groups, businesses, sporting organisations and the community.

The house is responsive to the needs of the community and our programs, activities and events change regularly depending on the demand and the ideas that are put forward by the community and the committee of management. 

We regularly apply for and receive grants to address locally identified needs and issues, including the prevention of family violence, improving physical and mental health and creating a healthier and safer community free from the harm of alcohol and other drugs.

The community development workers at the house provides support to individuals, local businesses, volunteers and not for profit groups in the community, auspices and supports the Birchip Youth Group and hosts Employment Works personnel who visit fortnightly.

The Birchip Neighbourhood House has a contract with the ‘Buloke Times’ (the local paper for our shire) to be the office in Birchip and to provide media reports and photographs of interest from the Birchip area to be published in the ‘Buloke Times’ printed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

We organsie and host the Annual Town Christmas party, facilitate young people in Buloke to organise and host FReeZA events across the Shire, host Regional Arts Performances, Dance Concerts, Movie Nights, Garden Walks and other Art, Music and Cultural events.

The centre is open Monday to Friday 8.45am-3.45pm. but it can be unattended if Simone is networking, attending meetings, reporting for the Buloke Times or participating in training.



The Year that Was 2020 has been compiled by John Richmond with input from the Birchip


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