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The Birchip Business and Learning Centre will provide community members from Birchip and the surrounding districts with information, education, personal development and community development opportunities to help all residents to actively participate in their local community.


To maintain a sustainable centre that provides a diverse range of resources, programs and activities to enhance the health, well being and quality of life of our community and its members

Statement of Values

  1. The centre and its services are for the benefit of the Community and all its members
  2. The centre will plan, coordinate and provide quality programs and activities
  3. Every person will be treated with dignity and respect
  4. Information will be treated as a valuable resource, respecting confidentiality, privacy and security
  5. All relationships and dealings will be conducted in an inclusive, open and honest manner
  6. Decisions will be made in a consultative manner
  7. We will think flexibly and be responsive to the changing needs of the community
  8. The Birchip Business and Learning Centre will operate within its means
  9. The Birchip Business and Learning Centre will comply with all legislative, statutory and contractual duties, requirements and obligations including compliance with funding and service agreements
  10. The Birchip Business and Learning Centre will work collaboratively with other   neighbourhood houses, service providers and community organisations at the local and regional level.

Statement of Purposes

  1. To source funding & income streams to support the provision of community development programs & activities in the local community
  2. To undertake community development processes to foster diversity and promote community participation and inclusion
  3. To provide a venue with computer facilities, digital technology, photocopy facilities, internet access and community resources for use by community members, businesses and community groups
  4. To provide administration support, referrals and information to community members, volunteers, businesses and groups
  5. To provide opportunities for lifelong learning in non-accredited and accredited programs for improved vocational outcomes and personal development
  6. To support, auspice and promote new activities/events in the community
  7. To provide a platform for the establishment of special interest groups (e.g. mental health support group, art group, youth group) for community members to connect to and be supported by other community members and organisations
  8. To improve communication links within the community and support organisations, individuals and groups to work together to strengthen the community
  9. To promote, support and model good governance of the Birchip Business and Learning Centre Inc
  10. To promote the Birchip Business and Learning Centre, its programs and the Birchip Community to the local and wider communities

The Year that Was 2020 has been compiled by John Richmond with input from the Birchip


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